View Full Version : Resolution of exoplanet vs distance for solar gravitational lens

Tom Mazanec
2018-Apr-04, 12:49 AM
If I use this project to map an Earth type planet at 5 pc, then use another iteration of the project to map
such a planet at 20 pc, will the resolutions be the same or not?

2018-Apr-04, 03:09 AM
What would be the implications if the answer were yes?

i.e. if resolution were independent of distance. Wouldn't that mean it would be the same rez at 100pc? or a million pc?

Tom Mazanec
2018-Apr-04, 03:25 AM
I doubt it, but I was hoping...just for these implications.

Tom Mazanec
2018-Apr-04, 08:16 PM
Could resolution be improved by going further along the focus line?