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2018-Apr-05, 02:53 PM

Is there a free program or tool which once installed would take full control of network connections and let me choose options. For example, I want to install it, and get to choose what programs can have access to my wifi connection. For example, I let google chrome and nothing else, not even windows, to access wifi connection. For programs that were blocked, including windows, it must be as if there is no connection to internet at all. For me (and for most people out there I guess) internet is useful only with a browser (like google chrome), I don't want windows to send to or receive anything from microsoft, don't want it to spy on me, don't want it to do any updates, do nothing with my internet connection, I don't want it to send or receive even one bit of information, I want it to be internet blind. I want freedom, just me and my browser connected to internet.

2018-Apr-06, 01:17 PM
Generically, such a product is called a "firewall". Windows incorporates its own which you can enable and configure. Some anti-malware software products do, too. (An example is Comodo's Internet Security suite, which is free and is what I use.) Many sites use an separate device which sits in between the local network and the external network. Most home routers include a simple implementation, for example. There are many commercial products with a variety of capabilities at a variety of price points. I'll have to leave it to you to do the research to find one which best meets your needs.