View Full Version : Stopover Astronomer at NARIT, Thailand?

2018-Jun-01, 08:21 AM
For those working in the planetary or astronomy fields, and planing to visit Thailand, here is an opportunity.


If you work in the planetary or astronomy fields, and plan to visit Chiang Mai, you can contact NARIT staff and express your interest in the program, no matter how loosely you define yourself as a planetary or space scientist. (My work is largely focused on instrumentation and geobiology, but NARIT still welcomed me.) Even though the institute is astronomy-focused today, NARIT is eager to expand their range of research topics and collaborations. They are flexible in terms of accommodating your schedule and the process of applying consisted of sending a few short emails, my CV, and a talk abstract to the Director of Research Facilitation.

In short, if you happen to be in or even passing through northern Thailand, why not be a Stopover Astronomer at NARIT? You never know what international opportunities might come out of your visit to Thailandís emerging space studies institute.