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Roger E. Moore
2018-Aug-20, 08:08 PM
Do you have a favorite exoplanet?

Apparently a lot of astronomers (and science reporters) do.



Exoplanets Face Off in the 2017 Exocup [Infographic]
by Kevin Anderton, Dec 31, 2017, 10:00pm

Earlier this year [2017] a small group of exoplanet scientists, from the podcast Exocast, created a competition to find everyone’s favorite exoplanet and they called it the Exocup. What could be more delightful than matching exoplanets against one another to see who would come out on top? They put together a list of planets by interviewing a number of researchers and asking them about their favorite planets. Any planet that had three or more votes during the interview process was placed randomly into a bracket. The competition between these thirty-two planets took place on the Exocast twitter feed. Each round paired up the planets with a rival and allowed for a 24-hour voting period. In the first two rounds, they ran four matches a day and then two matches a day for the quarter and semi-finals and then one final 24-hour match to determine the winner.



20 Intriguing Exoplanets
Oct. 23, 2015

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first confirmed planet around a sun-like star, more than 60 leaders in the field of exoplanet observations chose their favorites among the nearly 2,000 known exoplanets. Some of the exoplanets are rocky, some are gaseous, and some are very, very odd. But there's one thing each one of these strange new worlds has in common: All have advanced scientific understanding of our place in the cosmos. Check out the astronomers' top 20 list of exoplanets below, along with artist's concepts depicting what they might look like.



Are you tired of the same old scenery? Do you look up at the sky and think, “Man I’m tired of all this blue!” ? Has your wanderlust exhausted Earth’s options? Or maybe you’re feeling a little Farnsworth and you just don’t want to live on this planet anymore? Well if any of those situations sound like you, then this list is worth checking out. So grab your space suit, fuel up the shuttle, and strap in for an intergalactic tour of the best exoplanets that humanity has discovered so far.

Roger E. Moore
2018-Aug-20, 08:11 PM
My favorite exoplanet, as of this moment (subject to change), is 55 Cancri e.

It's not be favorite because it reflects my birth year (1955). It's not because it has my astrological sign (Cancer). It's not because it has my middle initial (E for Elwood).

It's because, as a volcanic/lava/earthquake planet, it has anger management issues and is thus more like me than any other planet.

Here are some links to prove why 55 Cancri e is the best. I rest my case.


Your turn.

Roger E. Moore
2018-Aug-22, 02:23 AM
Kind of expected Proxima b would have a few fans.