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2018-Oct-14, 06:35 PM
I've read about asteroids and comets being in resonant orbit with Jupiter and even Saturn. But the further out we go, the wider the gulfs between planets, and the slower their orbits.

Can small bodies in the outer Solar System find themselves in resonance with Uranus and Neptune, or are those planets just too far apart in space and time to make that happen?

Is that why there's a Kuiper belt, not enough resonance gaps?

grant hutchison
2018-Oct-14, 06:43 PM
Pluto (and the Plutinos) are in a 2:3 resonance with Neptune. The twotinos have a 1:2 resonance with Neptune. There are several others.

Grant Hutchison

2018-Oct-14, 06:58 PM
Ah, thanks. Off to the Googles!

Roger E. Moore
2018-Oct-14, 08:46 PM
If you search for "resonance" on the last half-dozen pages of the "Fun Papers in ARXIV" thread, you should hit a few outer-planet/Kuiper Belt resonance papers.