View Full Version : Mercury as Turn of the Year Morning Star

2018-Dec-01, 05:23 PM
Elusive Mercury has commenced its apparition in the predawn eastern sky following its inferior conjunction between Earth and Sun on 2018 NOV 27.

My detailed article describing this apparition appears under the links for my related graphics at https://www.CurtRenz.com/mercury.html

Photos and descriptions of Mercury during this apparition would be welcome additions to this thread.

2018-Dec-20, 02:07 PM
This time of year, I have a good view of the rising sun from one side of my house (which is nice, since winter mornings around here are darn cold!) This year it's been enjoyable to see Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, all low and fairly close together in the predawn sky. Mercury and Jupiter were very close today, and I see their closest approach is tomorrow and the 22nd. I like it when multiple planets are visible in one direction, because it gives me a more visceral "feel" for the plane of the Solar System.

I noticed Mercury was twinkling and Jupiter wasn't. I'm wondering if this might be because Mercury is so small that from Earth it appears more like a star, or a point source of light, rather than a disc?

2018-Dec-20, 03:30 PM
Thanks for your fine description. Glad you enjoy the view. Indeed, Mercury is more likely to twinkle for the reason you stated.

2018-Dec-20, 04:00 PM
Comet 46/P.
Conjunctions at dawn.

Bah! All invisible to me because I seem to be living on Venus, minus the heat and pressure. Harrumph....I envy your clear skies.

2018-Dec-22, 03:34 PM
...I seem to be living on Venus...I envy your clear skies.
Oh, hey, I saw your planet this morning! ;)
Here are a couple (amateur) photos of Mercury and Jupiter, taken pretty close to the time of their conjunction: