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John Kierein
2005-Mar-20, 01:05 PM
Interesting to watch the new sunspot pair growing from nothing near the center of the sun today. Look at the latest 4 images.


2005-Mar-20, 06:33 PM
Interesting. Coincidentally, I had a quick gander at the Sun yesterday morning (Saturday 19 March) through my 10x50 binoculars (fitted of course with AstroSolar filters). I saw the large group on the limb, but I never noticed anything near the centre. I must have just missed the beginning by a few hours!

2005-Mar-20, 07:25 PM
Nice. But the Sun is not orange. :)

2005-Mar-20, 09:33 PM
Nice. But the Sun is not orange. :)Sometimes my oranges get spots on them...

2005-Mar-20, 10:08 PM
Nice. But the Sun is not orange. :)

Peachy pink? Green perhaps? 8)

It's about time we had a decent CME blast our way though - preferably before the summer nights get too short.

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Mar-20, 10:37 PM
But after it warms up a bit.

2005-Mar-21, 12:17 PM
I was watching the sunspots on sunday through my 8" (filter) looked more like the topmost images though

2005-Mar-21, 07:29 PM
Nice. But the Sun is not orange. :)

Peachy pink? Green perhaps? 8)

Perhaps! :)

John Kierein
2005-Mar-21, 08:45 PM
Note the little CME off to the left of the LASCO3 image. Maybe Frogesque will get some aurora outa whatever sunspot issued this in a few days. Probably not from this CME but a later one when that spot comes into view??

2005-Mar-23, 12:14 AM
Still doesn't look as if anything is likely to come our way soon :(

743 is about to go over the limb, 744 complex hasn't come to anything and 745 looks disapointing so far.