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2019-Feb-04, 09:03 AM
I have put this in OTB because it is more serious, maybe.

Posters post an idea(in some detail), and the next poster posts an idea that is triggered by the previous poster's idea.

The idea can be about anything, obviously sticking to the forum rues...anything.

So I might as well start with the idea I had about the space station escape capsule bubble system.

It would be a system whereby someone in orbit around the earth climbs into a bag, which then inflates to say 20m radius, and it sends out a drag-line with a parachute, which brings it back into the earth's atmosphere. The largeness of the bubble might give it a low weight to air-resistance ratio slowing it down quicker, and reducing re-entry heat.

What idea does that trigger in you?

2019-Feb-04, 01:52 PM
I had a think and what it triggered in my mind was the "Space Baby" from 2001 floating above the earth.

2019-Feb-05, 03:06 AM
That makes me think of several babies floating in space, wearing tiny space suits, complete with snoopy hats.

Back to the OP, it is interesting that you chose this activity. I have a student that has echolalia (repetition of other people's words) as his sole verbal production. There are the times he "drifts", where concepts related to whatever he is repeating link to concepts in the classroom which were unspoken. For example, I was showing him how to sort objects by color and material. I was using cans and bottles as the objects. I was tracking his ability to identify color and material, not names of the objects. So, I was very careful not to say "bottles" and "cans".

He suddenly started saying "The bottles go here", "the can goes there", followed by "bottles and cans, bottles and cans in the air! In the air!". The staff immediately noticed that where I was saying "plastic" and "metal" he correctly substituted the words "bottles" and "cans" which I specifically didn't say. The last phrase is a song lyric, so it is echolalia but not a classic example.

2019-Feb-05, 10:03 PM
In terms of bailing out of spacecraft--I thought of this: http://www.astronautix.com/r/rescue.html

bottles and cans of a sort, after all.... so are we outside..or inside?

2019-Feb-05, 11:40 PM
I think of deep ocean where an escape capsule is a pressure sphere but buoyant to take the diver, still at one bar to the surface. It is in two halves clamped by pressure. The diver is squashed into a minimum sphere. But needs a hatch To get in. It is weighted to finally float hatch up.