View Full Version : how does Hawking radiation work with SMBHs?

2019-Feb-21, 07:59 AM
what are the event horizons like with SMBHs?

If the EH with SMBHs don't have a space-time (second differentiation ?? :) ) curve which is sharp enough, does Hawking radiation still work, or is it just very weak?

Mathematically I would guess the co-ordinates are still well defined for the EH..

2019-Feb-21, 09:20 AM
The temperature decreases linearly with radius. The radiated power falls off with the square of the radius.


2019-Feb-21, 04:33 PM
If I am not mistaken, a stellar mass or larger black hole will gain more mass by accreting interstellar gas and dust and absorbing background radiation than it will lose by Hawking radiation. Only really tiny ones would evaporate, and we do not yet know if any such objects exist.