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peter eldergill
2005-Mar-29, 04:19 AM
Good grief

I was at my mother's house on the weekend and I picked up a copy of my Masters thesis which I did in 1997. It's called "On the decomposition of the complete graph with an even number of vertices" (Graph Theory, if you've ever studied it)

Anyhow, I've been teaching highschool ever since then. I think I know a heck of a lot more Calculus now than I did in university (even after taking real analysis) but I barely even understood my own definitions! I don't understand my own theisis anymore! I am totally embarrassed!

Anyhow, I've always wanted to teach at the University level, but that dang PhD gets in the way....four more years below the poverty line is not anything I'm interested in anymore. I really wanted to be an astronomer but again....that dang PhD...

I did have a great idea though for grad school. I would get into the University of Hawaii for a PhD (paid for through scholarships, of course). I figure it would take them about a year before they figure out that I was a bum...by then I would have been in Hawaii for a year! Who cares after that!. Ha! I never did apply...

Hope you enjoy the rambling of a wannabe academic Canadian
L8R :roll:



2005-Mar-29, 12:02 PM
You can always join the Navy. My sister married an Annapolis grad who became a submarine officer stationed in Hawaii and got six years out of it until they were divorced. But get this, they both separately, though concurrently, moved to Boise, Idaho! He went into the private sector.

I'm kidding about the Navy, but I know someone who went to college in Hawaii and never came back and is doing fine. Maybe you could be an adjunct professor--many state universities or community colleges use them and you don't need a PhD (I'm assuming you have your Master's and that's good enough).