View Full Version : What's your favourite coin design?

2005-Mar-30, 11:42 AM
This one is for the coin collectors out there. Mine-

a well struck (silver) caribou Canadian quarter- ms65 or proof- George VI design

a nice mark free and bu Morgan dollar

the new Westward Journey buffalo nickel

the 1997 Mathew dime, (Canadian)

2005-Mar-30, 12:04 PM
I prefer the older buff 5c



Not a good specimen, was found in loose change by my mother over here in the UK. I've always been taken by the nobility of the indian head and the imposing strength of the buffalo. As buffs go this one isn't a particularly interesting year or mint mark and I would guess it's worth about $1 now

(For anyone interested, this was an experiment I did with my scanner some time ago and I still have the coin)

2005-Mar-30, 12:32 PM
As I'm sure Frogesque will appreciate, my favorite coin is the 2004 1 coin with the Forth Bridge on it (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/3733163.stm). But then, I just really like the Forth Bridge, so I would say that.

captain swoop
2005-Mar-30, 01:26 PM
I like hte 2 with the DNA strands. (http://www.royalmint.com/RoyalMint/Web/Site/Corporate/Corp_british_coinage/CoinDesign/TwoPoundCoin.asp?menuID=21&MenuItemID=113&MenuType =PAGE)

2005-Mar-30, 01:50 PM
I have a coin collection, though I've stopped collecting--they were aquired when I worked in a bank at 18 years old. My two nearly flawless Morgan dollars are my favorites. Don't get me wrong, but one of my favorite finds was a Swastika dime. It was just an odd find that someone shoved in a roll of dimes and it's ominous, which is why I like it...for the historical value. After work, I'll have to look through my collection and decide what coin designs are my favorites.

I do know with paper currency, my favorite is the Egyptian notes with the pyramids on it and Bermuda's colorful aquamarine notes.

Oops, I'm going to be late to work if I don't shower....

2005-Mar-30, 04:15 PM
I like the Japenese coin with a hole in it and our 5cents(the echidna is so cute)

2005-Mar-30, 04:35 PM
One of my favourites is Australia's Bicentennial Fifty Cent piece (http://www.heritagearchaeology.com.au/Designer/Desig_02.htm).

2005-Mar-30, 04:41 PM
. As buffs go this one isn't a particularly interesting year or mint mark and I would guess it's worth about $1 now

I would say its worth about 35 cents. I bought a whole bunch of them for about that much. I use them in my role as the tooth fairy.

2005-Mar-31, 05:39 PM
Of the coins I know about, my favorite is the Flying Eagle Cent, which was made in the USA for just a few years in the 1860s, I think (too lazy to go look it up).

Of the currently-used coins, I suppose my favorite is the Canadian 5-cent coin (unless the American Sacagawea dollar is still being minted).

Gullible Jones
2005-Mar-31, 10:56 PM
Susanne B. Anthony dollar.

2005-Apr-01, 12:25 AM
Gotta go with frogesque. That buffalo nickel is hard to beat.
Anyone else heard the bad joke about the looney (http://www.aperfectwallet.com/canada.html) picturing all those native animals, one of which is a "mad cow?" Heard it from a 13-year-old and laughed my head off.

2005-Apr-01, 12:56 AM
Due to my limited knowledge of international currency, I would have to elect the Canadian two dollar coin as being my favorite. Most Canadians refer to the coin as a toonie, for reasons that can be read in the following link below.


Pictures included in the link as well. :)

2005-Apr-03, 06:35 PM
I would have to say, of coins that I have, my 1914-D double eagle would be my favorite. Of coins that I don't have, I'd go with the 2004 Platimum American Eagle. Though I don't care much for the obverse, the reverse is a fantastic allegory of liberty. I'm trying to talk my parents into buying one for me as a college graduation present (in 1 month!).

A pic (not mine) of the double eagle: http://homepage.mac.com/ziggy29/home/AU-58/doubleeagle_1914d.html
A pic of the 2004 platinum eagle: http://catalog.usmint.gov/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&produ ctId=10630&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=10114

2005-Apr-03, 07:33 PM
I like all the Danish coins on my belt.


2005-Apr-29, 01:11 AM
I can't see the date on the buffalo nickel. we got one in our change the other day (well, a few weeks ago), and I can't find it there, either. help?

(also: no, I don't think they're still minting Sacajawea dollars, and we always referred to the $2 Canadian coins as a moonie--the Queen w/a bear behind.)