View Full Version : near Speed of light or Brainstorm

2005-Mar-30, 09:15 PM
Will we be able to move at nearly the speed of light first or will we be able to transfer minds through electronics first?

2005-Mar-31, 01:43 AM
Put a copy of our mind into a machine you mean? I guess that would be more feasible provided quantum computing came along. But could you do anything with it? Would the machine now be capable of thinking? Or would it merely be a storage space?

2005-Mar-31, 03:08 AM
Will we be able to move at nearly the speed of light first
If you choose the right reference frame, then we're already doing it. ;) :)

2005-Mar-31, 06:42 AM
Mind transfer won't require the amount of energy reaching the speed of light might require.

W.F. Tomba
2005-Mar-31, 06:49 AM
It's not clear exactly what's meant by "mind transfer" but I expect to see some form of direct mind-computer interface become common by the time I am an old man. On the other hand, I am not sure that near-lightspeed travel will ever be achieved. As beskeptical said, the first is just a matter of technological and scientific development while the second requires finding a colossal source of energy.