View Full Version : Sin City

2005-Apr-04, 10:30 AM
Stylistic masterpiece or? I sort of enjoyed it. Visually stunning.

Hyper over the top violence

2005-Apr-04, 06:41 PM
Probably the most violent movie I've seen; nevertheless, it was exhilirating, and its look is wonderfully unique. I definitely plan to see it again on the big screen.

2005-Apr-05, 05:52 PM
I thought it was visually quite impressive, and it proved to me that a narration-heavy comic can be successfully translated to film without the pacing suffering (now hoping for a Watchmen cable TV miniseries).
However, the violence was excessive (although no worse than Kill Bill Vol. 1). My biggest complaint is with the writing. The villains were much too depraved. It seems that Miller is stuck on plots that require a strong Good/Evil contrast. Because the protagonists are all so troubled, he had to make the antagonists that much worse. IMO, in the best noir, the difference between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" is one of degrees, a subtlety that Miller has trouble pulling off.

2005-Apr-29, 09:31 PM
I thought it was six hours long, which means there was a time warp in that theatre, because we were only there for a little over two hours.

it was shiny but tedious, at least in my opinion.

not to mention Bad Geology! tar pits a) aren't tar; they're asphalt, and b) aren't all that deep. not unlike quicksand, you don't sink immediately from view in a bottomless pit if you stumble into a tar pit. you have trouble pulling yourself out, and you stand a decent-ish chance of dying of a combination of thirst and exposure. it's so easy to look this up, and no one ever bothers . . . .

2005-Apr-29, 10:00 PM
All I gotta say is that Mickey Rourke had better get at least an Oscar nod for his role in it. Honestly, I had no idea it was him till after I saw the credits and I was stunned. Very well done.

And Britney Murphy... Ho-lee heck. Talk about your ugly duckling to swan transformations! Anyone remember her from Clueless?! That's 180 degrees of turnaround in about five different dimensions.