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2005-Apr-07, 11:55 AM
I raised this first In this topic (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=20769&)

I am doing a post production CD of a series of events we held. As I am doing web pages which embed wmv files. As Mozilla Firefox is now gaining in popularity, I need to test these pages using that platform as well as IE.

I have run in to problems with an anomolly in Mozilla Firfox

I did test with it last night

It played the wmv file from this page (http://www.gsne03768.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/apollo.htm) when I looked at it on the net, but when I looked at the same page that sits as a mirror site on my hard drive, Firefox would not play it.

Any ideas?

2005-Apr-07, 07:10 PM
I'm using Mozilla Firefox in Linux and I get
Playing video/wingsofapollo.wmv'
followed by film of a rocket launch.

But that's not really what you're asking, it's about Firefox on your own computer. I assume that your version of Firefox has the mplayer plugin. It's the sort of mistake I make :D
Otherwise you'll have to ask someone with better technical knowledge than me!

2005-Apr-07, 07:36 PM
Yeah, seems to work just fine for me with Firefox on the web. Maybe your links in the html on your hard drive aren't consistent with where the wmv is located. That would be my first guess. I know that I've had problems with a few wysiwyg editors, where they go messing around with the links on your local drive. One editor that I used, kept adding an extra slash / to the http part of the url. So it would end up being http:///. This caused many of my webpages that I had uploaded, to not work properly on the web, but worked fine on my harddrive. You may be experiencing the opposite effect.

paulie jay
2005-Apr-08, 03:39 AM
I've noticed a few other anomolies with the latest version of Firefox.

Firstly, I'm getting popups that I never used to deal with on the old version.

Plus it's been crashing while using mouse-gestures in multiple tabs while one of the tabs is loading.

Also, there are times when the browser just doesn't want to minimise - it just keeps leaping back up four or five times until finally it stays down.

2005-Apr-08, 06:24 AM
"...Many people begin their Mozilla and Firefox experience in a mild state of confusion...both products are free for the downloading...Here's the difference: Mozilla is a complete browsing environment, chock full of features and functions...Firefox is a scaled-down browser that was originally intended for those lean-and-mean Internet connections requiring no excess bulk..."
ComputorEdge (http://webserver.computoredge.com/editorial/prg/online.mv?zone=SD&article=cover&issue=2313)

Brady Yoon
2005-Apr-08, 05:50 PM
It loads a lot slower for me, but that's it.

2005-Apr-08, 05:58 PM
The Mozilla browser (Not Firefox) developement has been discontinued, so don't expect to see anymore updates to it. Firefox is their main project of developement now.


Gullible Jones
2005-Apr-08, 07:34 PM
Ya haven't heard of Mozilla Suite 1.8b1, heh?

Dark Helmet
2005-Apr-08, 07:51 PM
The embedded WMV works for me in firefox on windows.

I have the "WMP9 Plugin for Netscape" and a special activex extension JUST for embedded WMV's.


Gullible Jones
2005-Apr-08, 08:41 PM
ActiveX extension? Uhhh... Last I heard, that Netscape plugin was drowning in crash-inducing bugs... And even if the devs did manage to get the bugs out of it, I'd never use it. Two experiences with attacks using InfectiveX (one of which was personal) have made me a bit paranoid about that software.

Dark Helmet
2005-Apr-08, 10:30 PM
the extension's scope is so very limited, to JUST media player 9, none else.

Gullible Jones
2005-Apr-09, 02:40 AM
If it uses ActiveX, I'm not sure I'd trust even that. Unless I am totally off, there is probably some way of exploiting it.

Then again, there at least one way to exploit any software feature in existance... But nonetheless, I find it exceedingly difficult to imagine ActiveX not being evil.