View Full Version : I have a huge problem with this book....

2005-Apr-08, 04:50 PM
It's too damn short. I know you're busy Phil but next time I want a tome from you that I can barely lift (without going to Jupiter ;) ).

Great read and I now know that even someone with an excellent education and voracious appetite for learning can "know" all kinds of incorrect phenomenom (like the drains and eggs). I really liked the way you threw in all those annectdotes to express your points. Made it a very undry read.

But really, you should devote whole books to the chapters on the Moon Landing Hoax Loonies (heh) and yet more books on anal probes.

Or perhaps a Science Channel or SciFi channel documentary hosted by you that just goes through some of the more famous movie scenes of Science Fiction legend and pokes fun at their technobabble in a lighthearted way a la Chapter 24.

Any word on a sequel?

2005-Apr-08, 06:46 PM
The good news is he announced several months ago that he is doing a new book. He is, wisely, not giving any details. However, I won't be surprised if his blog stuff doesn't surface on paper. :)

The Bad Astronomer
2005-Apr-08, 08:46 PM
Thanks! I'm, really glad you liked it. 8)

A second book is a long way off. I have too many other projects I'm involved with now. I'm still tinkering with ideas, basically.

2005-Apr-08, 11:54 PM
A second book is a long way off. I have too many other projects I'm involved with now. I'm still tinkering with ideas, basically.

A famous author once shared a great idea for a book with all his friends. He said he never wrote the book because the excitement was mostly over for him. :-? I assumed you were simply not making this mistake.

Are you wanting ideas for your book?

2005-Apr-09, 12:11 AM
Thanks! I'm, really glad you liked it. 8)

A second book is a long way off. I have too many other projects I'm involved with now. I'm still tinkering with ideas, basically.

Well Phil,
I'm sure you'll be quite pleased that Bad Astronomy has had quite a sales spurt since I wrote a five-star review of it on Epinions a few days back. It's up to #15,862 right now. :D

2005-May-11, 02:39 AM
Same here, it was short. and it teased me because of all the acknowledgements and index at the end, I figured I had more to go.

I've got plenty to read however and look forward to the next one.

2005-May-24, 07:26 AM
I really enjoyed the book, everything was explained so well and concisely. I especially liked how it was in metric and I didn't have to try and work out the distances in my head.
That's how I found this website - after I finished the book I had to find out more and got on the WWW and found this great site.

bad novice
2005-Jun-11, 08:21 PM
I read Broca's brain and Science as a candle in the dark (by Sagan) when i was not in the US, a while back. Always wondered who is he trying to convince about known facts and why should a known scientist spend a lot of time writing a book on debunking. Were there really enough people that believe these nonsense that are influential enough to hurt everyone?
Everyone knows Niel Armstrong went to Moon ...No? Everyone knows UFOs are not ETs making visits ...No? Well it turns out i didnt know better... :-?

I am a newbie to this blog site. I've been reading BA's Blog daily for the past 2 months ever since i stumbled on his site via APOD. I picked up his book two days back and finished the first 3 chapters. I know enough has been written about this book here. I can't but say, thanks BA. Very readable very coherent and extremely relevent..

It is just interesting to note that a few months back i had explained to a friend of mine why the sun set (and the western sky) looks red but the sky looks blue otherwise..That is what i'm reading now in BA.

Hope to continue to chat.

A Thousand Pardons
2005-Jun-11, 08:52 PM
welcome to the BABB bad novice. It is amazing, isn't it?

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Jun-11, 09:53 PM
Glad to have you here. :)

2005-Jun-12, 03:20 AM
Wait... There's a blog now? Have I been in a coma, or something? Does it at any point state "There's a website attached to this blog?" Man, I really hope so.

Errm, and to stay on topic... Yeah, the book was concise, just like anyone who's gone through enough years of university to get his PhD would be properly brainwashed into being ;)

bad novice
2005-Jun-12, 05:19 AM
:oops: I did mean BB not blog. My bad.

A Thousand Pardons
2005-Jun-12, 01:28 PM
There's been a BA blog (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=20351&start=0&postdays=0&postorder =asc&highlight=blog) for months! :)

bad novice
2005-Jun-12, 02:17 PM
Wait... There's a blog now?

Kristophe ,
There is one about Australia posted, i think, on Friday!! :D
BA's blogs are pretty interesting, as always. New I am to this BB, I've been reading and referring my friends to his blogs for a couple of months now.

2005-Jun-30, 09:12 PM
I just bought this book :D.

bad novice
2005-Jun-30, 10:23 PM
Just finished this book and now I understand why akochan complained that it is too short!
But it provides enough motivation and references to research individual topics covered. In the past few days, i've learned so much more about moon hoax and Velikovsky! (more than I ever need to!!)

2005-Jul-01, 06:10 AM
I've had mine ages- I just need a signature now... :D

2005-Jul-04, 05:13 PM
I just bought this book myself! Well, just received it by mail. I can't wait to read it! And me that has homeworks to do, my willpower is going to be put in a tough situation. :lol:

2005-Jul-17, 06:27 PM
I recently finished the book, and loved it. Great explanations, good examples, and very conclusive. The only thing I didn't like (as everyone else) was the length - we need something more comparable to the unabridged dictionary in length.

2005-Aug-27, 06:49 PM
I just got the book yesterday so I cannot wait to being to read it.