View Full Version : Andrew Bogut wins the Wooden

AGN Fuel
2005-Apr-11, 12:12 AM
=D> \:D/

As an Aussie, that is one career I will be watching with a lot of interest.

While his skills are great, the thing that impresses me most is his mental attitude - he is one tough kid!

2005-Apr-11, 02:54 PM
I've had the pleasure of watching him play because the University of Utah and the University of New Mexico (UNM) are both in the Mountain West Conference. UNM is located in Albuquerque. I have also had the pleasure of watching UNM beat Utah twice, this past season. I doubt it would happen next year, though especially if Andrew stays with Utah.

I hope for UNM's sake that Mr. Bogut opts out of college to play in the NBA this year. He'll make a great player in the NBA, I'm sure.