View Full Version : From the Director's Keyboard: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

2021-Aug-16, 11:00 PM
Director's Notes: JD 2459441.5

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong.

(And before you mock the mice, I just want to say that based on my experience with mice, they can be pretty careful and crafty.)

This summer, Fraser has some family events - all awesome - going on, and they are going to result in a bunch of future good but with some intermittent chaos that is going to delay the season premieres of both Astronomy Cast (http://www.astronomycast.com/) and Weekly Space Hangout (https://www.wshcrew.space/). We're still sorting the final dates, but it looks like it will be closer to October 1.

This seems to be a fall that goes nothing like anyone expected. Here is hoping we find some unexpected joy to add to the mix.

In love and science,

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