View Full Version : From the Director's Keyboard: Astronomy Cast Premieres October 1

2021-Sep-28, 10:57 PM
Director's Notes: JD 2459484.5

THE WAIT IS OVER: Astronomy Cast (http://www.astronomycast.com/) returns for its fifteenth season this Friday at 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific.

Fraser and I will be back in our usual seats, but as we promised, everything is coming with an update. You can check out the website now; I'm still fixing some bugs, so please be kind. On Friday, if all goes well-enough (we aren't yet aiming for perfect), Fraser is finally going to get his wish, and the production crew will be sharing graphics while we talk.

Episode 613 echoes back to our very first episode as we look at Pluto, its denial of planethood, and what we know today that we didn't know then.

In love and science (and a few formatting bugs),

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