View Full Version : Searching again for Mars Polar Lander

2005-May-02, 04:19 PM
Search on Again for Mars Polar Lander (http://www.space.com/missionlaunches/050502_mpl_search.html)

Word is that the MSSS team is hot on the trail of the missing Mars Polar Lander. Insiders suggest that MGS in cPROTO mode is to be trained on a suspected Mars spot next month. But the observation will again be challenging.

Meanwhile, a "next issue" teaser in the just issued June Sky and Telescope magazine has spotlighted the look for the lost-to-Mars mission: "Hidden in Plain Sight – The Mars Orbiter Camera, using a special technique to boost image resolution, may have found NASA’s missing-in-action spacecraft, Mars Polar Lander."

What really happened to Mars Polar Lander may soon, quite literally, be resolved.

2005-May-03, 09:24 PM
I hope they also take a look for Beagle and the old Soviet landers.

2005-May-03, 09:48 PM
Even if MSSS can't find it and image it directly, it might find some likely candidate sites for the MRO 20" mirror to look at in late 2006 or 2007.

What's interesting is that, using the "rolling" technique MSSS could directly image the MER lander as several pixels, the rover itself as several pixels, and it can image the rover tracks. If MRO uses the same "rolling" technique, it might be able to image individual blueberries as single pixel entities (or read Marvin the Martian's license plate number).