View Full Version : ImageShack® Adds Photoblogging Feature

2005-May-09, 12:03 AM
ImageShack Homepage (http://imageshack.us/index3.php).

2005-May-09, 03:21 AM
lol, first pic is porn.

2005-May-09, 03:23 AM
Yeah, I was going to say, the picture right there is home-porn. Also, why does it show one's ISP address right there--it says, "Your IP has been logged." I don't want anything logged! :evil:

2005-May-09, 03:45 AM
Your ip is logged on every website you go to. They just make that obvious there so people don't post inappropriate stuff I guess. Some good its doing though, lol.

2005-May-09, 05:08 AM
lol, first pic is porn.Sorry, apparently the page updates itself as people upload their blogs, and porn is a clear violation of their Terms of Service (http://reg.imageshack.us/content.php?page=rules), tho apparently slow to be enforced, if at all. Have used ImageShack previously to make pix available online without having a website---hopefully this was an aberration to be 'ironed out' due to its newness. Changing the opening thread to link to IS' homepage.