View Full Version : Armageddon and Carl Sagan

2005-May-11, 02:35 AM
I just finished reading Bad Astronomy.

I found it informative although I knew most of it's contents before reading it.

There were a couple things that I want to discuss.

First, it's obvious that the BA despises the movie Armageddon. He makes mention of the movie several times and never says anything good.

That's okay though. I enjoyed the movie because I like to watch Bruce Willis and it had plenty of action. There were some terrible scenes however that no scientist can forgive. My least favorite was on MIR with artificial gravity. but we can discuss that later.

about Carl Sagan: I read Broca's Brain no too long ago. I found the book informative also, but rather dull. I've read most of his books and like his interest in Astronomy, but sometimes he was dry.

anyway, the BA notes the chapter in Broca's Brain about Velikovsky. Believe me, I am no fan of his "theories". I thought Carl Sagan had about beaten the subject to death by the time I finished that book.

But in Bad Astronomy, our author gives it a go, and for good reason, to dispell bad astronomy. But he attacks Sagan's argument a little. The part I found disturbimg was that the 4 points used against the Venus theory were very nearly the same as Sagan's, but Sagan's were put down.

Anyway, without being too critical, I like the book; finished it in about a week (with finals that is an accomplishment). And I'm glad someone wrote it. Best of all is our hangout place :D