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peter eldergill
2005-May-11, 11:29 PM
I've sponsored a child in Sri Lanka a while back and I'll quote a letter I just got today...

"To better assist Lavanya's community and to provide the increased level of care required (***no reason given..PJE), we need your help." blah blah blah..

" increase your pledge from $33 to $35 a month (***not too much to ask, I'll admit)" etc..."If you agree, please do nothing."

To contimue at the current rate, I must go out my way to do so. Again, not such a big deal, but I really, really dissaprove of the method.

Negative billing is what it's called and in Canada it was tried by Roger's cable and the company was BANNED from doing so.

Why is it legal for a charity to do so?

I don't want to start a huge polital debate, I'm just irritated


2005-May-11, 11:32 PM
$35 per month???

I couldn't live off of that.

I suspect they really need the money.

I think they are trying to make it easier for you to give. Sure, with some companies that would be for a bad purpose.

Credit cards are so tough about that. they'll send you a letter saying that you must respond by mail by a certain date or they'll change your contract. instead of asking, they assume that you want your APR to go up from 5.9 to 7.9 or late fees to go from 29 to 39.

peter eldergill
2005-May-11, 11:38 PM
Wow, that was fast response, CC!

I know anyone in North America can't live off that and yes, I can certainly afford the extra $2 / month but that's not my point. I find the approach misleading and underhanded. To me it's like saying "If you agree with me, don't say anything....no response? OK, I guess you agree with me!"


If they had phoned me and asked for more, I would say yes

I went to the website to check their latest suggested rates but couldn't find anything (dialup leaves me very impatient for these kins of searches)

paulie jay
2005-May-12, 04:13 AM
While I certainly can understand their motivation, presumptive increases in donations are probably a very good way of alienating the donors they already have.

A man goes to the blood bank to donate some blood. Reads a disclaimer - "We really need bone marrow at the moment... If you'd like to donate please do nothing..."

Gee, talk about read the small print!

2005-May-12, 04:28 AM
Yeah, I see where you're coming from. That really isn't cool, no matter what the cause is.

2005-May-12, 12:45 PM
I would say that this tactic is very underhanded. I have stopped giving to charities that I feel do their fund-raising in such ways, even if they are otherwise a good charity. There are plenty of other groups out there that are deserving of the money.

2005-May-12, 02:47 PM
My wife has been sponsoring a boy in the Phillipines through World Vision for some time as well and we also got that note a couple months back. I don't remember exactly what she did, but certainly was not amused be the negative option marketing. I recently had another sales pitch that required a negative option. I generally refuse any offer based on this marketing.

2005-May-12, 06:54 PM
$35 per month???

I couldn't live off of that.
Well also remember that $35 buys a whole lot more in Sri Lanka than it does over here.

I agree that it's sleazy and underhanded. Still, you probably shouldn't punish the child over it. In future though if you have to decide to donate money maybe do it through another organization