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2005-May-22, 04:36 PM
A male and female Sasquatch are reportedly being “contained” in Oklahoma.


“Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Junior.”

According to members of Native American Associations who were contacted by The ‘X’ Zone, containing the Sasquatch against their will is a violation of their beliefs and laws since the Sasquatch are considered to be sacred.

To listen to Rob McConnell’s interview with Jason Leigh, visit www.xzone-radio.com/archives.htm on the date of Wednesday, May 18th., 2005.

According to Leigh, a film company in Oklahoma, Ghost Shield Studios are going to be filming a docu-drama about the Sasquatch and that after viewing the film which is scheduled to wrap up in the fall of 2005, there will be no way that anyone will be able to doubt the existence of Sasquatch. Leigh claims to have been hired by the studio to write part of the script and possibly play the part of the Indian tracker (not because he is half Cheyenne and half Irish) but because of his long hair.

ok, with all that said, I seem to remember reading somewhere that that famous film of the Bigfoot in the woods was a hoax and revealed as such after the artist died or something. Someone may know what I'm refering to.

So if it was revealed as a hoax, someone should tell these people or what?

Could this be real news?


2005-May-22, 04:44 PM
a male Sasquatch, that measures 9.5 feet tall and answers to the name of “Otis”

=D> =D> =D> =D>

John M. Dollan
2005-May-22, 06:17 PM
I wonder if that was the same Otis that went to school here? I seem to remember a twang in his voice, he was quite tall, and he suffered from explosive diarrhea....

But seriously, if there were even a kernal of truth to this story, of Bigfeet (proper plural form?) being "contained", the news services -- especially the scientific services -- would be filled with chatter right now.


2005-May-22, 07:10 PM
Yep, that's how science works.

Step 1: Make world-shaking discovery.

Step 2: Announce your finding on a syndicated talk-radio show.

Step 3: Make a docudrama movie of your discovery.

Step 4: Show film. Take profits to bank.

Step 5 (optional): Provide access to discovery to media and scientists.

John M. Dollan
2005-May-22, 07:21 PM
If the story appears on the Fox Network, then it *must* be true!


2005-May-23, 01:08 AM
Hard Copy has been following this for 2 weeks (as a joke). Sadly, I've been watching it (for fun). :oops:

2005-May-23, 01:22 AM
I wonder if they're being "contained" in the old Channel 62 building, you know, the one that used to be hilltop home of that UHF (http://tulsatvmemories.com/uhf.html) station in Tulsa? Or, now that the original is gone, in the shed that is there now. 8)

captain swoop
2005-May-23, 09:19 AM
It's like the Loch Ness Monster and such. There can't be just one of them, there has to be a whole population.

2005-May-23, 11:54 AM
It's like the Loch Ness Monster and such. There can't be just one of them, there has to be a whole population.Or none at all, of course.