View Full Version : This magazine is all about conspiracies

2005-May-24, 11:41 PM
Have any of you seen the magazine: "New American"? I have been offered a subscription to it. It arrived to my e-mail today. Check out some of its links. This one is about the illuminati.


This one is about "the evil eye" and the explanation for the pyramid in the dollar bill:


This one was from the year 2004, when Kerry and Bush were running for president.


I am sorry if you don't consider this interesting enough for a thread. It is just that since I have been researching for a secret societies thread, I must have gotten the attention of this site. I am amazed to have found a magazine dedicated only to that.

What is really ironic is that they support these things, but denounce most of the accounts of 911 conspiracy theorists:


2005-May-25, 04:31 PM
What do you think of this magazine, guys?