View Full Version : now phising sites are getting defaced

2005-May-28, 01:01 AM

On Thursday, Internet monitoring firm Netcraft reported that some users of the company's anti-phishing toolbar followed links to fake financial sites only to find them defaced with anti-phishing messages.

Sure, defacing these sites is still illegal, but:

It's unlikely that many law enforcement officials will go after Web defacers who are posting warnings to potential victims of phishing fraud. Prosecutors can pick and choose the cases in which they want to invest time, and helping out bank fraudsters is not likely a high priority, Granick said.

"I don't think authorities are going to want to get their name out there for helping fake banks," she said.

Your thoughts ?

Gullible Jones
2005-May-28, 01:34 AM
This is vigilante justice... But not much has been done about phishing, so I welcome it. Anyway, it's probably more "legal" than torrenting CDs... And if it gets the authorities to actually get off their behinds and do something...