View Full Version : Anti-Zeta (My IPB 2.0 Forum) Suggestions Wanted!

2005-May-28, 10:22 PM

As you can see its not uptodate, But it is the free 2.0.0 Version, Unlimited Trial, fully featured back from 2004 when the forums were paid and free. The files are LEGAL because I had them from the beginning and they still let these versions run.

Its gonna be a debunking site and it has so many cool features! Im taking suggestions about forums to add and what Modifications (http://mods.invisionize.com/) to use. So do your thing members!

*Prod PMs Phil asking if he can recruit staff*

2005-May-29, 09:01 AM
I don't think this is going to go where you want it to...

The BA(how dare you speak his name! :wink: ) already has a board.

I"m only an admin beacuase Revolver wanted to show me IPB features...

Richard of Chelmsford
2005-May-29, 10:00 AM

That's not Zero Energy Thermonuclear Apparatus, is it?

The Supreme Canuck
2005-May-29, 03:36 PM
So do your thing members!

This isn't going to get the reaction you want. Asking might.

2005-May-29, 05:06 PM
Please Do your thing members?

Please give me some suggestions I mean't LoL :lol: