View Full Version : Emagic: Logic Platinum 5.5.0 problem!

2005-Jun-01, 06:19 PM
Hello everybody

I use Logic Platinum 5.5.0 as a sequencer for my "music" creations.
Everything worked perfectly, but since a short while, I have the following problem:
Logic forum link (http://community.sonikmatter.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21216)

Does anybody have experience with this? Or a solution?

I really don't want to lose my largest project! :-?

(I posted as "Nicolas Herdwick" there)

Any help is really, really welcome!!

2005-Jun-01, 10:02 PM
Aparently, it can't be read when you're not registered.

Is it OK to paste it here then?
Or is pasting threads from other boards prohibited?

2005-Jun-01, 10:53 PM
Changed nothing, and now it works... 8-[

I think my dummy "sound editor" exe flile with link in win.ini worked, but apparently only after a few program boots.

I hope it continues to work!

For now on, this is where this monologue ends :).

2005-Jun-02, 05:52 PM
And OF COURSE today, I'm back to the same problem :cry: .

Can anybody (point me to) help???