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2001-Nov-19, 07:33 PM
There are two online petitions regarding the show Battlestar Galactica. One of them is to ask for a release of the episodes of the original show on DVD. This show has never had a careful release of all its episodes, or even of its best episodes.
The other petition regards the new Battlestar Galactica show which had been in the making since February by X-Men producers Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto.
Initially, the purpose of this petition was to ask that (at least some) of the original characters/actors returned in the new production (which was rumored to be a sequel, not a remake).
However, since Bryan Singer left the project, early this month, Fox TV has lost interest in the show and there is strong indication that it will be cancelled. Right now, the petition is being used to ask Fox to give producer Tom DeSanto the chance to move ahead with the planned new Galactica.
If this new production falls through, the chance of any future show being made is very slim.
If you care about this show, please give your support. If you know someone else who likes the show, please tell them about the petitions, and ask them to spread the word among their friends and family, and in the media, if they can.
Even if you liked the original, but do not mind about a new Galactica being made, bare in mind that, unless there is a successful new show, it's very likely that the original show will not be released either.
Please give your support.
Thank you.

The links to the petitions are:



For more information, see also http://battlestargalactica.com