View Full Version : Reflections of life: some distorted, some all too clear...

Charlie in Dayton
2005-Jun-09, 04:25 AM
I've been comic surfing at The Computoid Help Desk at The Major Midwestern Metropolitan College Of Higher Knowledge...that last half of the day is spent alone, just waiting for the phone to ring with someone in a classroom who can't get the video player to work sending up a flare...anyway, I've gone back to the beginning of Boxjam's Doodle, just to catch up, and a lot of the comics started to fall into some categories. So there's appropriate lists posted both on the JREF board and the BABB. As I go on thru this simple yet elegant commentary on daily life, I'll update the lists on both.

They're heeeeeere... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20000901.html)
Deep dark secrets (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20001003.html)
Qualified personnel only! (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20001023.html)
Technology's downfall. (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20001227.html)
The Orange Guy beats the odds. (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010308.html)
The Federation Strikes Back (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010409.html)
Planet X fails to show up in the future, too. (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010412.html)
One of the great philosophical questions of our time and time again... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010509.html)
Across the dimensions... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010516.html)
Underachievers have their moments... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010530.html)
Now we know where they got those Planet X Survival Instructions... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20010813.html)
Captain Mnemonic... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20011128.html)
The probabilities of planetary destruction... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20011213.html)
And if Planet X did show up... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20011228.html)
Just how Big was the Bang? (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20020129.html)
Some things truly are larger than life... (http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/d/20020211.html)

More to follow someday...