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bad novice
2005-Jun-12, 05:38 AM
Got to the "Phase the Nation" chapter. I hadstruggled to understand the phases of the moon and why it doesnt cause eclipse for a long time. All the questions evoked answers that were more confusing than the questions (and there was no google at that time - :evil: ). It took a while to figure this out...I wish this chapter was written during my highschool days!

Quoting a line from the book..This is the place where BA (the author - not the book :lol: ) is setting up an experiment with a pingpong ball.

"When it's new, the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. Imagine holding the Moon up so that it lines up with the Sun"
I wish BA had not written
so that it lines up..
If they are in line, the-moon-will-be-blocking-the-sun-and-so-we-have-solar-eclipse confusion is back.
I wish BA had said "almost lines up but slightly below or above" or something to that effect.
I wish there were a line somewhere that indicates that the moon's orbit is at an angle to the ecliptic.
May be i'm making a big deal out of nothing.

Richard of Chelmsford
2005-Jun-30, 09:31 PM
May be i'm making a big deal out of nothing.

I think you are, old son.

bad novice
2005-Jul-01, 12:30 AM
Still familiarizing myself with the BB.
Realized my folly of starting a new thread when it should have been under
"List of Errors and Typos". My bad :oops:
If someone can move it over there, i'll sleep better #-o