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2005-Jul-04, 07:28 PM
I really hope someone has read this book and can at the very least give me the author's name.

I am pretty sure it was titled

"Who claims this galaxy"

It was a Doubleday book as well I am sure (one of those books with two stories).

I read this book as a kid and it inspired me to go into the science and technology studies at a young age. I would really like to find a copy if it is at all possible.

2005-Jul-04, 07:31 PM
Ace and Tor ran double novels, here (http://isfdb.tamu.edu/acedoubles.html) is Ace's list.

2005-Jul-04, 07:37 PM
Hmm not in the list but I am going to email them maybe they have an archive of the old stories.

Thanks Muchly

2005-Jul-06, 08:29 AM
Ooooh I used to love the Ace double novels when I was a kid. I would agonize for days about a book that looked good on one side but the flip didn't appeal. SHould I buy it just for one story?

2013-Jan-20, 07:11 PM
Found it

And wow did it get bad reviews still think it was a great story idea.


2013-Jan-20, 07:47 PM
In Crown there is yet another reference to Star Kings, a la Vance and others--many different takes.