View Full Version : The UT Ambassador

2005-Jul-28, 10:54 PM
Well hello, everyone!

I'm IcosidodecahedronGuy. I'm sure there's many shorter ways of saying that, but enough about me. I noticed that Universe Today is a 'related site' to BadAstro, and as a member on UT (StarLab over there), I'd like to say a big HELLO! on behalf of my fellow UTers, quite a few of whom I'm sure had already made it over here. Phil, I got the book, read it, liked it, but as constructive criticism, well, that was a couple of years ago. If you wanna keep people on their BadAstro guard, better to publish a second book or the like. Even being a radio host (unless I've missed something) would suffice.

Nevertheless, Gr8 to be here!

2005-Jul-29, 12:39 PM
Welcome IcosidodecahedronGuy (thank goodness for cut and paste - I'd hate to type that name :wink: ). It looks like your papers are all in order. When is your embassy holding a formal reception to welcome you to your new post - I love diplomatic parties. :lol: