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peter eldergill
2005-Aug-06, 09:40 PM
There is a strange movie about a tool and die maker who has not slept for a year and is suffering some delusions.

Cool movie but I was wondering if there are documented cases of this kind of insomnia occuring

Just idle curiosity and I did enjoy the movie as my wife is a tool and die maker 8)



2005-Aug-06, 11:25 PM
Merck Manual: Familial (and Sporadic) Fatal Insomnia (http://www.merck.com/mmhe/sec06/ch090/ch090c.html)

Fatal familial insomnia is a genetic disease, due to a specific mutation in the PrPc gene. However, the disease can occur spontaneously, without a mutation. This form is called sporadic fatal insomnia.

peter eldergill
2005-Aug-07, 04:32 AM
In the movie it was triggered by a traumatic event, revealed at the end of the movie....(no spoilers here :) )