View Full Version : Mars Gashopper

John Kierein
2005-Aug-09, 02:00 PM
Zubrin has a creative way to fly on Mars,

John Kierein
2005-Aug-09, 03:51 PM
Mars is cold enough that it should be easy to liquify CO2. But I would think you might have to worry about it becoming too cold dry ice. Interesting thermodynamics problem?

Video here.

Trivial Pursuit
2005-Aug-10, 06:05 AM
This doesn't really apply to the problem, but doesn't mars have a relatively warm (I use the term warm loosely) temperature a couple of feet from the surface due to it's CO2 rich atmosphere? I heard this somewhere.

2005-Aug-10, 02:10 PM
Pretty cool idea. There was an idea for a Discovery-class mission to fly through the Valles Marineris, but it was turned down, possibly because the mission would only last for a few hours. This would be a much better notion to explore a significant chunk of Mars.

2005-Aug-10, 02:40 PM
OK, thatīs a prototype, but I guess a real one would need cleaner aerodynamics and higher wing aspect ratio.

2005-Aug-17, 08:36 PM
The selection of suitable landing sits will be the kicker. Even a small chunk of rock can heavily damage landing gear.

I think a better solution would involve a helicopter approach, but with large, paddle-like wings on extended booms. Upon landing, retract the booms into a storage pocket to keep dustdevils from causing damage.