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2005-Aug-12, 08:49 PM
Hey everyone.
A few months ago I came accross a blog that is now semi-famous known as The Phantom Professor (http://phantomprof.blogspot.com/). Basically it's the observations of an adjunt writing professor at a well-to-do Southern university, and the blogger got famous because she got fired from her job because of the blog (she made up pseudonyms and never said who she was but people caught on eventually).
Anyway, yesterday the blogger was kind enough to excerpt something I wrote regarding an attitude I've noticed at college campuses using the example of pre-med students, an event I was really excited about until all the negative comments started coming in about what I said. Some have been pretty mean and upsetting, to be honest, so now I'm a bit saddened by the whole thing. :(
I finally got enough time to write my own response in the comments section so I hope they'll die down. Still, I respect the opinions of my fellow BABBers and was wondering what you guys think of my little rant over there (it's the second entry down on the site). Is it really that hard to understand what I meant to say, or...? Thanks.

Donnie B.
2005-Aug-12, 10:52 PM
I didn't see that many negative comments about your article -- most of the negatives were addressed at the authors of earlier comments.

If there was anything to criticize about your original article, it might be that you didn't make it absolutely clear that you were referring to a subset of pre-meds, not all the pre-meds in your class. You clarified that point in your follow-up.

Strange that so many lawyers responded... guilty consciences? :wink: