View Full Version : SOHO discovers its 1000th comet

Kullat Nunu
2005-Aug-18, 08:11 AM
Thanks to active amateur comet hunters, NASA/ESA SOHO solar observatory spacecraft has finally found its 1000th comet. It has not yet officially designated, though.

NASA press release (http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/solarsystem/1000comet.html)

2005-Aug-22, 02:15 PM
But who won the contest?

2005-Aug-22, 02:16 PM
But who won the contest?

From the press release:

The contest winner is Andrew Dolgopolov of Dublin, Ireland, who guessed the time of the comet's closest approach to the Sun (perihelion time) within 22 minutes.

2005-Aug-22, 06:02 PM
So what does the winner get then? I'm trying to figure out if I should pout or not for not winning, see... :wink:

2005-Aug-22, 06:30 PM
If I remember right, it was a guided tour of one of NASA's facilities