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2003-Jul-08, 08:24 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has recovered 75% of the solar-powered Helios aircraft after it crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. Researchers say that the unmanned prototype was at an altitude of only 900 metres when it experienced control problems which shook the aircraft violently and caused it to crash. Unfortunately, none of the recovered debris can be reusable because of damage from the salt water. This was its tenth test flight.

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2005-Oct-25, 09:18 AM
What is the Helios actually designed to do though?

Huevos Grandes
2005-Oct-25, 01:31 PM
I think it's just further evidence that the viability of NASA launch vehicles need to have a more serious looking-at. With the retirement of the Titan, and the "just-after-the-next-mistake" cancellation looming around the corner for the Space Shuttle, the agency is in serious trouble of not being able to meet mission requirements for healthy launch vehicles.

It's none too pleasing that our best option for launch in the proposed Moon missions is a jury-rigged shuttle-booster, and a re-hashed Apollo-style landing craft. Incredible advancement, considering it'll be at least 40 years since the first Moon landings. The first manned crew should get high marks for bravery, as well as stupidity.