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2003-Jul-08, 10:00 PM
SUMMARY: A Canadian team competing to win the $10 million X-Prize announced that they had completed a major milestone on their entrant, the Canadian Arrow. The team performed a successful test burn of their prototype engine and believe it will now work in actual flight - a main engine test could happen as early as August. Twenty one teams from 5 countries are competing for the X-Prize, which will award $10 million to the first group able to launch a three-person rocket twice in two weeks to an altitude of 100 km.

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2006-Jan-10, 04:41 PM
It's always good to hear of more and more countries getting involved in the Space Industry, and for that I'm happy for these guys and I hope they keep going with their venture, even though the X-Prize proved out of their reach.

But have a look at their space-suits!

Canadian Arrow - Astronauts (http://www.canadianarrow.com/astro-announce.htm)

Unfortunately, judging by their website, it seems things have slowed down on the Canadian Arrow front of late.