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2003-Jul-08, 10:05 PM
SUMMARY: A team of French and American astronomers have discovered the presence of salt (NaCl) in Io's atmosphere. They think that the salt was ejected into the Jovian moon's atmosphere by the many volcanos that ceaselessly bubble across its surface. The atmosphere of Io has been studied for several years now, first observed closely by the Voyager spacecraft, but this is the first time it's been found to contain good old "table salt".

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2006-Feb-17, 03:55 PM
Io has always been one of the most intersesting moons in the Solar System, the amount of volcanism that exists on that small place is an incredibly interesting phenomenon as is. Maybe one day the good burghers on Callisto, Ganymede et al will have their needs met by giant salt-harvesting flying machines on Io, quite a thought.

Yep, the best darn fish (from Europa) & salted (Io) chips (Callisto?) in the Solar System to be had here on Ganymede - we make sure we get ALL the best ingredients! ;)