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2003-Jul-08, 10:08 PM
SUMMARY: By combining the data from four separate instruments, NASA scientists are able to study the Earth's volcanoes in tremendous detail. Most recently, Italy's Mt. Etna was captured mid-eruption using the instruments on board the Terra and Aqua spacecraft, and the data will help the scientists understand the complex behaviour of volcanic plumes and the effects the eruptions have on the environment.

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2006-Oct-27, 02:29 AM
Experts swooped on Mount Etna on Thursday after the volcano sprang back into life .
The volcanologists examined a fresh lava flow on the south side of the volcano, coming out of a fissure that opened up at the weekend at a height of 2,000 metres .
Lava is now flowing from three craters on the mountain accompanied by blasts, black smoke and ash .
The new craters, however, are far from any inhabited areas.

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2006-Nov-16, 03:36 AM
Mount Etna is currently undergoing one of its most vigorous eruptions in years.
You can look to it with 3 live web cams:

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