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2003-Jul-08, 10:09 PM
SUMMARY: Astronomers have discovered a new object which shares a very similar orbit with Neptune. Part of a classification of objects called Trojans, 2001 QR322 is 230 km across and requires 166 years to orbit the Sun. Although clusters of Trojans have been found following Jupiter's orbit, none have ever been found to share an orbit with any other giant planet; although, they've been predicted for years.

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2005-Dec-12, 06:09 PM
I think that we'll find Trojans around all the gas giant planets, what would be really amazing were if a KBO like Pluto turned out to have its own Trojans! Now that would be weird.

2007-Aug-14, 11:31 PM
A new asteroid 2007NS2 was found last 14/07/2007 .
It seems to be a new Trojan to Mars ...
This one shares an orbit with Mars in the L5 point . It brings the known number of Trojans to 4 . 2 others share the point L5 , while another is in the L4 point . Herunder is the link for the list of those asteroids
A simulation of this 4 asteroids in a rotating frame with Mars gives the following picture :
The new one 2007NS2 is the light green orbit . Mars is represented as the "line" at the bottom of the picture .
There are a few astonishing features here : look at the unusual orbit of the green asteroid at the left , also the orbit at the right doesn't represent a kindney bean .
Remarkable also is the fact that the concave side of the left asteroids is once away from the sun and once directed to the sun .
More information can also be found on :