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2003-Jul-08, 11:31 PM
SUMMARY: Ever wondered what the Earth would look like seen through a small telescope on Mars? Currently in orbit around the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor took pictures of the Earth and Jupiter on May 8th, when they were aligned in the Martian sky. The image shows our planet in a "half-Earth" phase, and was processed so that both Earth and Moon are visible in the picture. The photograph shows Jupiter as well, including three of its brightest satellites.

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2006-Nov-07, 05:31 PM
MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR, November 7, 2006

o MGS Mars Orbiter Camera: 10 Years In Space (http://www.msss.com/mars_images/moc/2006/11/07/) (Released 07 November 2006)

Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) was launched 10 years ago today, on 7 November 1996. The spacecraft reached Mars on 12 September 1997, and has been observing the ever-changing red planet over the course of the past 5 Martian years.