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2003-Jul-12, 03:34 AM
This forum is to discuss human spaceflight; whether its the shuttle, the space station, or those daring Chinese and their flying machines.

philip slater
2003-Jul-16, 07:24 PM

Around the world some countries have governmental space agencies, others don’t.

You may live in a country where there is no proper space agency, or in a country where you feel that your government agency is under funded, dragging its heels, under performing or just not pulling its weight relative to the overall planet-wide effort to go spacefaring and bring biological life forms to those parts of the solar system currently without them.

You may well feel that your government and its space agency are not sufficiently responsive to your wishes or lack sufficient drive or long term vision.

Instead of getting grouchy with your local space bureaucrats why not become involved in setting up a National Independent Space Agency for your own country? Then after a couple of years or so it can become a part of the planned World Association of National Independent Space Agencies.

As the UK-NISA project develops over the coming years we will hopefully soon reach the point where co-operation between independent agencies in different countries will become a realistic possibility

There is no real reason why all democracies cannot eventually have both a governmental and an independent space agency, hopefully working together in a positive spirit of co-operation.

Initially, independent space agencies will probably only be able to be peripherally involved in missions carried out by the government funded agencies, but that needn't always be so. And it is quite possible to develop feasible scenarios and business plans for the independents to become directly involved in human space flight, particularly, of course, of the sub-orbital X-Prize type.

Watch this space.

Philip Slater,

Project Co-ordinator


2003-Jul-16, 11:52 PM
In order to take Space Flight out of the realm of Government would require there to be gain. A private corp. wouldn't want to take it on without some financial gain. Most Corp. want quick profit also. It would be nice to see exploration take off for mining asteroids, or seeking resources on other planets, planetoids or moons.
I just can't see private industry being willing to go to the effort, yet anyway, to progress to the point where they are able to exploit space. It's sad really, but a major private investment in space exploration is probably a long time away.

philip slater
2003-Jul-17, 01:16 AM
What you say is true, Ironpirate - purely profit making companies are as unlikely to deliver as governments when it comes to doing what is needed to get life into space whilst the Sun is still on line.

That is why new concepts, new organisations and maybe even new (or rediscovered) value systems are needed. The current task of UK-NISA is to begin putting together the conceptual framework necessary to make all sorts of things possible that weren’t under the government/ big business duopoly in space.

For an example of new ways of doing things, starting small and growing fast, just look around at what you are involved in. A few years ago Fraser started Universe Today. Now, before our very eyes, UT is growing and going exponential. It has the team it has the talent it has the technology. It has the concepts and it has the value systems.

In twenty five years time most off-planet activity will most likely be undertaken not for the particular reasons of governments or moneymakers but powered by the more traditional drives that brought us all the way up to the age of bamkers and bureaucracy and will now take us up and on beyond it. That is if enough of us want to make it so.

Philip Slater