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2003-Jul-15, 05:10 PM
:D Hi to all,
I am a student in the United Kingdom, studying astronomy by distance learning.
I have been a subscribed user of Universe Today for some time now and I have found the stories and links provided by Fraser, to be a much valued research engine. Keep up the good work Fraser, it really is most appreciated.
John Cave.

2003-Jul-16, 12:18 AM
Hi John,
I'm also in the UK but gave up doing the astronomy by distance learning last year (the maths got a bit much and once I got my 200mm Newtonian I was out at every opportunity so found little time to do the practical).
If you're doing it through the University of Central lancashire are you still using Universe 6 as the main text book. If so, whats the key code for the Starry Night software. There was a glitch with the code they supplied first of all and now they wont answer my emails.
Hope you can help and beware of the moons of Jupiter - its a killer


PS Great work Fraser!

2003-Jul-17, 03:10 AM
Sean, I have Starry Night Pro 3 and 4 - which one do you need a code for?


2003-Jul-17, 04:15 AM
Testing :)