View Full Version : photographing shuttle liftoffs

2003-Jul-16, 10:19 PM
Hello all,

This is not so much a comment on this question but a question on the techniques used to photograph shuttle launches.

What camera and tracking system does NASA or any other agency use to photograph shuttle launches, how are they controlled etc? :huh:

2003-Jul-17, 01:43 AM
Regarding cameras, NASA normally has 3 high-resolution cameras pointed at the shuttle during its launch to watch for any problems like falling foam, etc. During the Columbia launch, one of the cameras provided only fuzzy pictures, so better cameras is one of the recommendations of the investigation board - maybe even pictures taken by aircraft.

Once the shuttle gets into space, the military has the capability of photographing it from space. This wasn't done in the Columbia mission, but once again, it'll be a recommendation by the investigation board for future missions.