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2003-Jul-20, 08:26 AM
SUMMARY: A new series of images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope contain 25,000 galaxies, many of which are interacting and in the process of formation. Some of these galaxies are so far away, they're seen when the Universe was only 2 billion years old. Astronomers are using Hubble and the Chandra X-Ray observatory to survey two large areas of the sky to build a deeper understanding of galaxy evolution.

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Melvin Weber
2003-Sep-02, 07:59 PM
I am having a problem with a galaxie that is only 2 billion years old and 12 billion light years from earth.

This seems to mean that the earth and this galaxie could not have been more than 2 billion light years apart when this light was emmitted, yet in the next 10 billion years the light had to travel 10 billion light years to get to us.

Because of relativity, we can assume that we are stationary and the galaxie is doing the moving. If the light was emitted when we were only 2 billion light years apart, it seems that the light only had to travel 2 billion light years to get to us no matter what the speed of the receeding galaxie.

What am I doing wrong?