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2003-Jul-25, 01:14 AM
SUMMARY: The US Air Force announced its investigation findings today, that The Boeing Company had committed serious violation of federal law by using propriety documents from Lockheed Martin to win a series of launches during a 1998 contract competition. The Air Force said that Boeing will forfeit seven of its 19 launch contracts and several upcoming launch contracts will be awarded to Lockheed Martin instead of Boeing. All told, Boeing will lose $1 billion of Air Force launch business.

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2003-Jul-25, 04:20 AM
Oouch!! :o

I wonder how this will affect Boeing's financial standing...


2003-Jul-25, 05:12 AM
Their stock price hasn't really changed over the last two years. I guess people don't really care too much about this development.

2003-Jul-26, 02:10 AM
That's awesome that they are taking a moral stand. Cheating does nothing good for the advancement of space exploration. A billion dollars. That's gotta hurt a company, even one that big. I wonder who's getting chewed out right now for that one. When he gets fired do you think he'll send a resume to Lockheed? Boy, talk about burning bridges!

2003-Jul-26, 04:02 AM
I did a bit more research, and the response from the market seems to be that the rocket division was losing money anyway, so I guess the loss of these contracts will let it lose less money. Isn't that ironic?

2003-Jul-26, 03:06 PM
That's interesting!