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2003-Jul-28, 07:38 AM
"Pittsburgh - Jul 28, 2003 - Scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey announced the discovery of independent physical evidence for the existence of dark energy."
That's what I read from and astronomy newsletter I just received (28-07-03).
So what do u think?
BTW what exactly is dark matter? I don't think we can answer that question yet, can we?

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2003-Jul-28, 06:31 PM
Dark Matter seems to be concentrated around the outer edges of our galaxy, more clustered as it recedes, and less the closer in it gets..... sort of like an outer layer to our galaxy, keepng things in.... Dark Energy seems to be keeping that Dark Matter in one globule, which constitutes our galaxy... if the ISM is comprised of mostly Dark Energy, which seems to repulse the matter around it, making the ISM expand, the globule of our galaxy will continue to expand along as well... but, seems to remain intact due to the gravity of our galactic bulge, and the pressures from the outer layer (dark matter) versus the repulsion of the Dark Energy (keeping that Dark matter within a 'cell' form)...

we are voids in space, connected by thins wisps of hot gas...
our galaxy is just a big pocket of hot gasses... filled with whatever else we now know... with small shafts of hot gas streaming from it... some connecting with other galaxies or globules of pocketed gas, and some with ends to nothing...

If Dark Matter can be analyzed to show its 'true' properties, then maybe we can start to theorize what the functionality of Dark matter might be... it seems to be helping stablilize the structure of our galaxy, so one function can be that it is, is some way, a protective shell around us, keeping the coldness of the ISM seperate from the temperatures within, and the Dark Energy from ripping our galaxy into many small individual elements that would be scattered if the Dark Matter were not present... that is to say if the galactic core couldn't hold the outer layers within its pull.

All speculation, of course... but, hope it helps some =)

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2003-Nov-25, 01:08 PM
Me and my friend mike have discovered dark matter here in the back of sainsburys and have built our intergalactic spaceship which travels on it>

2003-Nov-25, 03:14 PM
do you charge for rides around the system?