View Full Version : Discussion: Satellite Confirms Ozone Recovery

2003-Jul-30, 04:34 PM
SUMMARY: Observations from three NASA satellites have confirmed that the rate of ozone depletion in the Earth's upper atmosphere is decreasing. The observations were made by SAGE I, SAGE II, and HALOE satellites which scanned the upper stratosphere since 1997. Their observations are consistent with the decline of man-made chemicals in the atmosphere which contribute to ozone depletion. The ozone layer protects the Earth's surface from sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.

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Ray Bauernhuber
2003-Jul-31, 01:24 AM
[I]This is really great news, especially now that the "footprint" of the ozone layer opening has spread over some populated areas of New Zealand. I hope we can continue, as a species, to improve our environmental cleanup, at a quicker rate.

2003-Jul-31, 02:45 AM
Does anyone have any definitive information on whether the hole in the ozone was caused by human pollution (take that however you like) or a natural cycle of the earth?