View Full Version : Save Earth

2003-Jul-31, 06:28 AM
Hello everyone I would like to start off by seeing what everyone thinks of my half asleep idea that just poped in my head. Hopefully It isnt something that has been discussed before, but it probly is. ( I beleave and hope to either be getting some form of a leader have it be a president or someone who is big enough to have a say or make a differnce in this huge yet small world about how we really need to be focussing on the concept of protecting the earth. Lasers & missles could be the answers to many things but one really important use right now would be to protect the earth from some catasrofic event such as an astroid. I know it would be a hard feat but we need this earth to be safe from any sort of objects falling from space. It may not be for a long long time but we should design and improve and continue to do so with some type of device to save human kind if we ever want to go on and visit other planets, galaxys etc, let it be laser or missle in life you need protection. )

2003-Aug-01, 04:12 AM
I'm sure you wouldn't have too much trouble convincing the current US president on lasers and missiles.